June 2023


ECK Light & Sound Services:

Members of all faiths are invited to participate in the ECK Light and Sound Service.

This service brings together three fundamental aspects of studying Eckankar: a reading from the ECK writings; singing and contemplating upon HU, the holy name of God; and a discussion of spiritual principles.Join others seeking to bring more insight into their lives at this special celebration of the Light and Sound of God.

June 4th, 11a — on Zoom

"How Does Your Life Reflect God’s Love?"

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We are continuing to hold many, but not all, group activities via Zoom or Telephone Conference Calls at this time. Registration for Zoom events is required.Click here to register through Meetup

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Using Your Divine Creativity to Overcome Problems

How to Stay Grateful During Hard Times–Sing HU

HU: Experience The Sound of Soul

Would you like something to carry with you to help you maintain your balance? Download the HU app to your smart phone.


June Newsletter


The Sound of Soul


The Sound of Soul
"If you want to lift yourself to a higher state of consciousness so that the
political issues, the family issues, the social issues of the day do not throw
you out of balance, so that you can find a happier, more contented life while
you're living here, sing HU, the most beautiful prayer."

—Sri Harold Klemp, HU the Most Beautiful Prayer, Page 58

Sound of SoulIn-Person Event
June 18th, (the third Sunday of the month),
Event will be held at the Holiday Inn,
at Pete & Larry’s Restaurant.

The service will run from 11am to 12pm,
and will be followed by light refreshments.

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Introductory Presentations

All introductory presentations and book discussions are led by members of Eckankar who facilitate the sharing of spiritual questions and experiences. Attendees are given tools which help them in living their lives to the fullest. All events are free unless otherwise indicated.

ECKANKAR Book Discussions:

ECK book discussions bring together people who are working to increase their awareness of God's presence. The wisdom you gain through these discussions can help you face your daily life with greater courage and wisdom.

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The Stranger by the River book discussion will meet via Zoom on fourth Mondays at 6:30pm. Begins on June 26th. Please join us!


Stranger by the River, by Paul Twitchell, helps you navigate the river of life in the tradition of other classics such as Kahil Gibran's The Prophet, William Blake's mystical poetry, and the Bible's Song of Solomon. Begin to experience a new consciousness when you see yourself from the perspective of Soul, a divine spark of God. Learn to recognize God's love through your relationships with your spouse or lover, friends, and your family.

—From the back cover of the book


Please call Brian Catell at 207-947-8413 for the Zoom link.




The Sound of Soul, Online via Zoom
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7pm on June 6th,

after break,
Optional Book Discussion:

June 6th, 7:30-8pm
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Monthly Satsang - Advanced Spiritual Study Classes meet once a month and focus on special monthly discourses by Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar. Discourses can be studied privately or in a class taught by a trained teacher of Eckankar.

“The ECK discourses are written with a secret, internal rhythm that gradually unfolds your consciousness in a very precise and orderly manner. When you become a member of Eckankar, you receive a discourse series for your personal study. You study one lesson a month, sharing them with your family if you like. The Easy Way Discourses are a portal for you to enter the secret worlds that exist beyond our cosmos, the higher regions so well known to the ECK travelers and the saints of old.” – Sri Harold Klemp

Satsang Classes are currently being held in Bangor, Falmouth, and Damariscotta. You are welcome to visit a class to experience it for yourself before joining a future class. To arrange to visit a class, or have us organize one in your area, please contact me at eckankarmaine@yahoo.com or 207-831-6896. For more information about the Eckankar Advanced Spiritual Study Program and Membership in Eckankar, please visit http://www.eckankar.org/Membership/discourse.html



Catch Cable Access Television Broadcasts

Several 30-minute Eckankar TV programs are being aired around the state of Maine on local cable access channels.
More channels are being added and more programs will be produced locally and added in the near future.
Check back here soon for expanded listings and specific air times, coming soon!

South Portland on channel 2

Cape Elizabeth on channel 3

Portland Cable Access on channel 2

Scarborough on channel 2

Bangor Area on channels 2 and 7